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Mist Covered Mountains

Skye Boat Song


Key: G
Time: 3/4
(A) |:G |G |D |D |
  |G |C |G |G |
(B) |:G |G |D |D |
  |C |C |C |C :|



The Dark Island

The Dark Island


  1. Away to the westward, I'm longing to be
    Where the beauties of heaven, unfold by the sea
    Where the sweet purple heather, blooms fragrant and free
    On a hill-top, high above the Dark Island

    Oh Isle of my childhood I'm dreaming of thee
    As the steamer leaves Oban, and passes Tyree
    Soon I'll capture the magic, that lingers for me
    When I'm back, once more upon, the Dark Island

  2. So gentle the sea breeze’ that ripples the bay
    Where the stream joins the ocean, and young children play
    On a strand of pure silver, I'll welcome each day
    And I'll roam forever more, the Dark Island


  3. True gem of the Hebrides, bathed in the light
    Like a midsummer dawning, that follows the night
    How I long for the cry, of the seagulls in flight
    As they circle high above the Dark Island


Key: G ¾
|Am | Em | C | G |
|G | G | G | Am |
|Am | Em | C | G |
|G | D | C | G |

|G | G | C | G |
|G | G | G | Am |
|Am | Em | C | G |
|G | D | C | G |